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MYP Community Passion Project

(full guidebook, assignments, requirements, and updates available on current Schoology course for the Passion Project and on students' ManageBac accounts under "Community Project.")

A digital school newsletter (S'MORE) is sent home to all 8th-grade parents and students in early September every year with the parent acknowledgment digital form attached and a copy of the updated handbook attached.

Academic Honesty Form for Project

Have you ever wanted input into what or how you learn at school? Have you ever wanted to study your hobby or passion more in-depth at school and get credit for it? Do you think your passion can lead to positive change in your community?  Well, here’s your opportunity to combine all of the above into one project – the MYP Passion Project!

What type of community project can we do?

  • An original work of art (visual, dance, dramatic, musical performance)
  • A written piece of work on a special topic (for example, literary, social, psychological, or anthropological)
  • Define a goal to address a need in the community based on your personal interests
  • Short story anthology
  • Children’s book
  • An original science experiment or study
  • An invention
  • The presentation of a developed business, management, or organizational plan
  • Create a school newspaper
  • Create a book of new, healthy recipes
  • Raise crops in school garden to donate to food bank
  • Create a new sport or game
  • Design and build a sports-related facility
  • Planning/preparation for an event
  • Instructional video
  • TED talk
  • Lessons to younger children teaching them your passion/hobby

Whatever type of community project you decide to do, it MUST:

  • Have a clear and achievable outcome
  • Be collaborative
  • Be focused on service as action
  • Allow you to explore collaborative interests
  • Be the result of initiative, creativity, and ability to organize and plan
  • Deal with a topic or area to which you are committed (you MUST be PASSIONATE about this topic!)
  • Keep in mind global mindedness and international awareness
  • Academic honesty (no plagiarism; no copying and pasting; authentic inquiry)
  • Include a final product
  • Document your journey (reflective journal)

What are the aims and objectives of the Passion Project?

  • Demonstrate the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required to complete an individual or small group project over an extended period of time
  • Reflect on your learning and knowledge
  • Move towards thoughtful, responsible, and positive action within a global context
  • Develop confidence as a lifelong collaborative learner

What are the components of the Passion Project?

  1. The Proposal and Planning Sheets (due in late September and mid-October)
  2. The Reflection Journal Entries (6 total) (due from December - mid-March)
  3. The Statement of Reflection (due in late April)
  4. The Final Project website and presentation in a district-wide showcase of IB projects (presented in late April/early May: 2024 date TBA)