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TMSM Community Service

Community Service at TMSM

The International Baccalaureate programs require that students participate in activities that provide service to their communities.  Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Middle encourages all students in 6th-8th grades to complete at least one hour of service per semester.  Hours are counted toward team competitions each semester.  Students record their community service activities on our IB learning management system, ManageBac.  They also complete a reflection piece about their experience on ManageBac. New students will receive training on ManageBac at the start of each school year.  Our community service initiative culminates in the 8th grade Community Project, the "Passion Project," which requires a service component for its completion.  

Our Philosophy:
The faculty and staff at Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools - Middle believe that community service is an enriching opportunity in and of itself, rather than a means to an end, and is meant to be undertaken with an appreciation for the spirit of service. We do not encourage the accumulation of hours merely to receive an award or help their team win the community service award for a pizza party. In fact, the reflective piece of the service experience is even more important than the actual number of hours performed.  Community service provides students with the perfect opportunity to practice many IB Learner Profile traits such as risk taking, caring, open-mindedness, and communication -- among others. In addition to growing in character and self-confidence, students’ academic experiences are also enhanced. Finally, we believe that service helps creates healthier families and world communities.

Opportunities for students to consider when participating in service:

  • Metro Animal Shelter
  • Meals on Wheels delivery help
  • Parking cars at TMSM or other sites on game days
  • Trash pick-up in parks and neighborhoods
  • Horse farm barn stall cleanup
  • Church/Sunday School
  • Helping the elderly in neighborhoods
  • UA sports team ball chasing
  • Temporary Emergency Services
  • Tutoring younger students
  • Free babysitting
  • Black Warrior River cleanups

…..and many more

At TMSM, "Service Starts Here"!